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‘DIGIT Solutions’ the Most Powerful Blockchain-Based Digital Marketing Solutions

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This is a paid-for submitted press release. CCN does not endorse, nor is responsible for any material included below and isn’t responsible for any damages or losses connected with any products or services mentioned in the press release. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the press release.

BANGKOK, Thailand, November 19, 2017 – To cope with the high speed of change in the digital world, DIGIT team aims to develop DIGIT Solutions that we can use to analyze and manage the customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, and effectively strengthen customer long-term relationships, boosting customer retention, improve customer experience, and driving sales growth.

DIGIT Solutions is the most powerful Total Blockchain-Based Digital Marketing Solutions and specifically designs to deliver the digital marketing solutions for brands, merchants, retailing and service industries in different type of commerce (B2B, B2C, and C2C). All advanced features of DIGIT Solutions are synchronized and enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of brand’s digital marketing campaign. Using DIGIT Solutions, we can minimize the processing delay, get greater transparency, and dramatically reduce the costs with maximize profit. Blockchain-Based platform is a mechanism that guarantees the validity of the transactions with the highest degree of accountability. The DIGIT Solutions is created under the NEM Blockchain Platform, which is one of the largest blockchain/cryptocurrency projects in the world.

DIGIT Solutions is the first Total Blockchain-Based Digital Marketing Solutions and best compatible with its advanced E-Wallet and Payment Gateway Technology.  All 8 features of DIGIT Solutions are made for the completed digital marketing umbrella that covers advertising, direct response, public relations, promotions and sales.  

First, the feature of DIGIT Signature enhances high security and transparent payment with multi-signature function on E-Wallet.  

Second, DIGIT Score feature provides the reliable voting without fraud from overall customer voting scores on blockchain platform.

Third, DIGIT Ads can increase the efficiency of digital advertising placement under the “middleman-free” environment and facilitates customers to accumulate points and exchanging with the DIGIT Coin from viewing the advertising.  

Fourth, to enhance the sustainability of DIGIT Ecosystem, DIGIT CSR helps to create the better world by donating 5% of transaction fee earned from DIGIT Ecosystem to the charity.

Fifth, DIGIT Space, a smart sharing economy system without middleman, helps you increase the efficiency of space management both in retail store, service industries and lifestyles.

Sixth, DIGIT Radar offers location-based services that facilitates the customers for searching the cryptocurrency paypoint locations, services, and promotional campaigns.

Seventh, DIGIT CRM feature facilitates the merchant’s promotional campaign by secured coupon redemption and transferring points to customers. Additionally, business can leverage the data insights to create the attractive customer experience and customer loyalty program from this feature.

Eight, DIGIT API offers the flexibility and adaptability to the future application programming interface.

DIGIT team has been developing DIGIT Ecosystem as a special blockchain platform which is a fundamental coordination problem among coin holders, usage of trading coin in the exchange market, and buying any goods or services in the real world. DIGIT Solutions is one of eight important modules in DIGIT Ecosystem. The rest are DIGIT Foundation, DIGIT Corporation, DIGIT Coin, DIGIT Token, DIGIT Currencies, DIGIT Wallet, and DIGIT Payment Gateway.

To make the project of DIGIT Solutions comes true, DIGIT Foundation needs support from the investors. The coin investors will get many attractive benefits from their investment with special bonus up to 40% during Pre-ICO. Moreover, investors will get 5% Bonus from EZ Referral Program and token holders with 200+ of DIGIT Tokens will get 20% of transaction fee earned, according to the token percentages, on every transaction among third party within the DIGIT Ecosystem.

Regarding to the exponential growth of retailing, service industries and usage of Social Meeting applications around the world, the number of DIGIT’s members will have a chance to grow exponentially with the popularity of the DIGIT Coin along with usage of DIGIT Coin both in the major exchange markets (Poloniex, Bitfinex, Bithumb, Bittrex, Bitflyer, HitBTC, CoinOne, OKcoin, Zaif,, TDAX, and etc.) and via the real business sectors by increasing members of DIGIT Solutions in the global scale.  

With over 20 years of the DIGIT’s management team’s experiences, advisory board, strategic partners, and co-founders in IT management, internet technology, software & hardware security solutions, financial consultant, retailing and service industries, these can be assured that DIGIT Ecosystem and DIGIT Solutions will be one of the most powerful Total Blockchain-Based Digital Marketing Solutions ever.

Media Contact:

[email protected]


Facebook: @digitcoinworld

Twitter: @digitcoinworld


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DMarket Partners with Playkey

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This is a paid-for submitted press release. CCN does not endorse, nor is responsible for any material included below and isn’t responsible for any damages or losses connected with any products or services mentioned in the press release. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the press release.

November 27, Santa Monica, CA. – DMarket, the world’s first blockchain-based cross-game marketplace to turn virtual items into real assets, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Playkey ICO, the first decentralized сloud P2P and blockchain gaming platform with an ecosystem that enables gamers to launch and play AAA video games on low-end PCs and MacOS devices.

According to the partnership agreement,  DMarket and Playkey will cooperate on big data analysis and depersonalized stats sharing. This will allow DMarket to gain more insights into gamer performance and behavior while trading/exchanging in-game items. Playkey will get a better understanding of what devices and platforms users prefer to use for gaming, how much time they spend on them and more. The parties also agreed on cross-promotion of both projects to increase brands’ awareness among game publishers and developers.

As per Playkey stats, 80% of its users play MMO games and this entire audience could start using DMarket for convenient, one-click in-game items trading. In turn, DMarket users will be introduced to Playkey as a new great way to play hardcore video games on low-end PCs, which is an obvious win-win.

“The partnership will increase the audience for both services. We see it as a truly unique case in the gaming industry when two blockchain platforms join forces and consolidate efforts to create added value for all gamers,” said Volodymyr Panchenko, CEO and Founder of DMarket.

“Playkey enables more gamers to have access to their favorite top-notch titles with the help of cloud gaming that makes users` hardware and system configuration completely irrelevant. DMarket creates one more attractive feature for true gamers and offers another opportunity to enjoy the game. It’s great to move in the same direction, creating a better digital world for video gamers all over the world,” Egor Gurjev, CEO and co-founder of Playkey commented.

Speaking about the future prospects of partnership, Panchenko and Gurjev said they are planning to integrate DMarket’s in-game items trading with Playkey platform. On the other side, DMarket plans to add a “content lab” for every trader where users will be able to choose and play an online game while creating content for future exchange. This will be enabled right on the DMarket platform thanks to decentralized cloud gaming technology provided by Playkey.

Currently, both DMarket and Playkey are holding final token crowdsales that will run through the end of November.

To date, DMarket has raised over $17 million. Playkey has already attracted over $6 million.

About Playkey:

Playkey is a cloud gaming platform featuring technology that enables gamers to launch and play AAA games on low-end PCs and MacOS devices.’s current product is based around its powerful GPU servers located in Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, and Moscow.

For more information visit Playkey ICO at

About DMarket:

DMarket is the world’s first cross-game platform based on blockchain and smart contracts that enables one-click sale, exchange, or evaluation of any virtual item from any game on any platform. DMarket Token will be the only virtual currency used within the platform,  providing different options for trading items, exchanges, and smart contracts.  DMarket presented the Alpha/DEMO version of its future marketplace and blockchain testnet in October 2017.

For more information visit DMarket at

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The Abyss Platform to Change Marketing Rules in the Gaming Industry

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This is a paid-for submitted press release. CCN does not endorse, nor is responsible for any material included below and isn’t responsible for any damages or losses connected with any products or services mentioned in the press release. CCN urges readers to conduct their own research with due diligence into the company, product or service mentioned in the press release.

The Abyss is launching its Token Sale. The project team is creating a revolutionary digital distribution gaming platform, where competition and struggle for clients is transformed into a  mutually beneficial cooperation. Game developers will be able to push their projects forward with maximum efficiency and earn money not only from in-game payments but also from referrals and other activities. Players will also have numerous earnings opportunities.

Competition in the gaming industry is growing rapidly. In order to deliver their products to a broad audience, developers have to increase their marketing expenditures constantly. Thus,  the competition between developers shifts from providing a quality product to the size of advertising budgets. This damages the whole gaming industry.

The Abyss project offers solution – a next-generation gaming platform with a flexible and diverse product promotion and analytical system, which will allow developers to spend less on advertisements while earning more. A strong accent will be made on referral and motivational programs for players and developers.

Multilevel motivational system

As a part of the referral program, developers will be able to receive revenue not only from users they have attracted to their own games, but to other dev’s games too, and a percentage profit from these referrals that stretches over 5 referral levels.

Players will gain income from payments and activities (content generation, achievements, etc.) from all users they have invited to the platform, and their referrals, stretching over 5 levels deep.

The players and developers who are the first to attract users to the platform will receive the ultimate benefit. Furthermore, revenues will be distributed based on the activeness of referred users within the platform. This multilevel reward system will allow users to be attracted efficiently and retained in one ecosystem.

Developers will receive 70% of all payments made in their games, the platform will receive the remaining 30%. Due to the referral program, income can be significantly increased. A third of The Abyss platform income will be allocated to the referral program: the first level will receive 40%, the third and second – 20%, fourth and fifth – 10% from the allocated sum.

Analytical System

Upon integration, developers will be offered the most advanced metrics in the gaming industry, including statistics on ARPU, MAU, ROI, LTV, etc.

All stages of user behavior (from traffic sources to in-game actions) will be fixated and calculated, so that developers can easily optimize their sales funnels, reduce expenses, and increase profits by redistributing advertising channels and increasing user value.

Internal CPA Network

Additionally, developers will be offered a universal advertising profile for exchanging target traffic (internal CPA Network). The system will showcase suggested options: traffic can be sold to different games, and bought from them, or it can be attracted from the outside by connecting leads to the internal statistics system.

With CPA Network, traffic can be bought from other developers and players. Establishing necessary requirements for traffic quality.

To further promote their projects within the platform’s framework, developers will be able to order paid e-mail newsletters, banner ads, and other advertising formats.

Benefits for developers

Developers will be able to receive payments in ABYSS tokens or fiats. If desired, a portion of the developer’s earnings can be received in fiats, regardless whether the payment was made in tokens or in fiat currency. Withdrawals to an Ethereum wallet are practically instantaneous.

Players can be retained using internal achievements from the Reward Bank of The Abyss platform. The analytics system and support are available 24/7 with 3 levels of integration to pick from.

Additionally, developers will be able to launch their projects in alfa/beta versions, and raise funds for development via crowdfunding. Free promotion tools will also be available: banners on the homepage, slots for client launches, etc.

Benefits for players

Apart from access to a large number of different games, players will receive rewards for referrals, content generation, and individual or joint achievements. Plus, they will be able to earn from in-game auctions and complete tasks for CPA Network developers.

Internal overlay for communicating with platform users, viewing friend’s activities, privacy settings, flexible client settings for player needs, convenient update system, application hibernation, screen shooting, video recording, ability to play in a local network – all this and much more will be available to the players on The Abyss platform.

Additionally, players will be able to form syndicates (Masternodes) for play and earn jointly. Such joint activity is encouraged by payments from the Reward Bank budget.

Abyss token use

One of the unique features of the platform is dual currency options, which allows users to carry out in-game purchases easily. However, in comparison to the use of fiat currencies, the use of ABYSS tokens grants additional benefits, which will increase token demand and price.

The majority of platform services rely on ABYSS tokens only:

  • Internal CPA-network;
  • Referral and motivational programs;
  • In-game item auction;
  • Syndicate system;
  • Reward system for content creation;
  • Funds transfer between users;

ABYSS Token Sale

1 ETH = 2500 ABYSS (ETH and BTC are accepted)

SOFT CAP = 10 000 ETH


29 November 2017 — 01 December 2017

Minimum threshold – 5 ETH

Pre-Sale Bonus: +25%


12 December 2017 — 24 January 2018

Minimum threshold – 0,1 ETH

Bonuses during Token Sale:

Day 1: +15%

Days 2-4: +10%

Days 5-20: +5%

Users that will purchase ABYSS tokens during Pre-Sale and Token Sale will get an increased 5-year income for bringing referrals to the platform:

During the Pre-Sale every payment starting from:

5 ETH gets you +50% for the 1st referral level (My friends).

25 ETH gets you +50% for all referral levels (My friends’ friends, etc.).

During the Token Sale every payment starting from:

20 ETH gets you +50% for the 1st referral level (My friends).

100 ETH gets you +50% for all referral levels (My friends’ friends, etc.).

To activate the bonus you will need to enter a passcode when registering on The Abyss platform. You can use the passcode only once, it will be bound to your email right after it.

More information on the official site:

White Paper:

Email: [email protected]

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(+) Bitcoin is Close to Topping Out in the Short-Term

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Bitcoin is the toast of the town, with prices closing in on the five-figure mark. At current prices, the rally has covered a huge distance in 2017. On January 1 of this year, bitcoin opened trading at $973.37. From there, to today’s intraday highs of $9749, bitcoin has returned an astounding 901.57% for its investors. While the forecasters are quoting huge numbers for the future, we believe that at the current prices, the risk to reward ratio is skewed to the downside in the short-term.

Key observations

  1. Bitcoin’s rally is gaining momentum
  2. Experts are competing against each other in putting a huge target for bitcoin
  3. We believe the current leg is led by the newcomers who are in for a quick buck
  4. Markets are overextended in the short-term and a correction is likely
  5. We expect the next fall to be about 30% from the highs

But, just because an asset class has risen quickly is no sign that it will fall. True. There are a few sentimental factors and a few technical factors that have led us to arrive at our conclusion.

We are not calling an end to the long-term rally

First, let us make it clear that we are not calling an end to the long-term rally yet. Calling a long-term top is a futile exercise, especially for a new technology like blockchain. Many forecasters have bitten the dust in calling a top in Amazon for about two decades. So, we shall not get into that exercise.

However, we are calling a short-term top in bitcoin.

Sentimental factors

Exuberance is usually the final stage of the rally. Pick up any news on any cryptocurrency website and you will find forecasters dishing out astronomical numbers for bitcoin.

Agreed, there have been many recent developments across the globe that favor the blockchain technology and the existing cryptocurrencies. However, most experts in the field only talk about huge numbers without any caution about the volatility or a possible fall. Investors are being made to believe that the only way for bitcoin is up.

In a recent survey by LendEDU, a marketplace of private loans, bitcoin investors said that they will sell their positions if bitcoin neared $200,000 levels. While anything is possible in the markets, a price point that huge is unlikely to be reached within the next few years.

Such figures and astronomical targets are attracting new investors who are entering into cryptocurrency trading to make a quick buck.

Bitcoin futures trading by CBOE can be both good and bad

While most of the mainstream Wall Street has stayed away from bitcoin, it is unlikely that the introduction of bitcoin futures trading by the CBOE is going to lead to a stampede for initiating long positions.

Contrarily, we believe that few short sellers are likely to enter the fray and test the resolve of the bulls on the upside. At least for the first few days, after bitcoin futures trading starts, we may see an increase in volatility.

If the big players of Wall Street with deep pockets are able to overpower the bulls, then a fall is likely.

The chart structure points to at least a 30% correction

The reasons mentioned above are regarding trader psychology and they are debatable. Most of the die-hard bitcoin supporters are likely to put those to trash.

Hence, we put forth our finding from the charts that suggests a likelihood of a fall.

We have picked up the short-term tops in bitcoin in 2017 for our analysis. We have disregarded the dips that were arrested at the 20-day EMA and we have not considered the dips that happened without a material rally.

We have considered the intraday highs on the day bitcoin topped. For that day, we also took the value of the 50-day simple moving average.

We find that, all the short-term tops in the markets have started when the percentage difference between the price of bitcoin and the 50-day SMA was in the range of 35% to 39%.

The ensuing correction in the first three instances saw a dip of about 40%. The fourth and the most recent correction, however, was shallower at 30%.



Date Intraday high 50-day SMA Price above 50-day SMA in % Ensuing correction in %
01 January 05, 2017 1175 821.75 35.38 37.47
02 June 12, 2017 2999.99 2014.18 39.32 41.39
03 September 02, 2017 4980 3461.14 35.98 40.26
04 November 08, 2017 7898 5330.04 38.82 30.22
05 November 27, 2017 9749 6694.14 37.15 ?


As of November 27, the difference between the intraday high of $9749 and the 50-day SMA value of 6694.14 has already reached 37.15%. This difference is closing in on the higher end of the percentage value, which has led to a correction in the past.

Even if we take the minimum correction following the top, we shall see a 30% correction, which will sink bitcoin to around $7000 levels.

Risks to our assumption

We have assumed that the market participants are in a euphoric state, however, this is difficult to gauge. If the markets are only in the optimism stage of the bull run, it still has a long way to go.

We have taken the performance of bitcoin only in 2017. This is a small sample size. The current rally may just continue higher without giving a meaningful pullback.


While the debate on the valuation is never-ending, we believe that the current pace of ascent is looking euphoric in nature. As the proponents have benefitted by holding through every dip, there is a sense of security among the buyers that no matter what, price of bitcoin can and will only go up.

We believe that even if bitcoin has to rise, it will break this notion and test the long-term investors before embarking on a long-term uptrend. We, therefore, recommend trimming long positions in bitcoin in phases, instead of selling all at once. We expect a short-term top around the $10,000 mark. We believe the investors can buy bitcoin at lower prices in the next few weeks.

Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock.


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“We Welcome Bitcoin” [with Regulations], Says Iran’s Cyberspace Authority

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Get Trading Recommendations and Read Analysis on for just $39 per month.

Iran’s High Council of Cyberspace (HCC) has opened up about its embracive approach to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin in the country.

Iran’s HCC, a prominent authority that could decide the legality of cryptocurrencies in the country, has welcomed the prospect of bitcoin in Iranian society, under well-defined regulations.

Speaking to Iranian news agency ILNA, HCC secretary Abolhassan Firouzabadi said in quotes reported by the Financial Tribune:

We [at the HCC] welcome Bitcoin, but we must have regulations for Bitcoin and any other digital currency…Our view regarding Bitcoin is positive, but it does not mean that we will not require regulations in this regard because following the rules is a must.

The official went on to reveal a robust bitcoin ecosystem in the country that sees the cryptocurrency utilized as a payment method, in financial services and even startups carving a space into a new industry altogether. “[M]any in Iran are dealing with Bitcoin, be it purchasing, selling or mining it, and even dealing with it in exchange shops, creating content and establishing startups,” Firouzabadi said. In light of its growing adoption and noteworthy price gains this year, the official confirmed that both the HCC and the Central Bank of Iran are studying cryptocurrencies to understand them.

Although bitcoin and cryptocurrencies continue to permeate into society in the absence of regulations, the central bank will soon clarify its official position on cryptocurrencies, the HCC secretary said, while adding that his agency will continue to study and evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of cryptocurrencies.

The official’s remarks come within weeks of the Central Bank of Iran’s deputy director of innovative new technologies Nasser Hakimi revealing the central bank’s foray into studying “all aspects” of bitcoin. The central banker also expressed “worrying” concerns about the “uncertainty and high risk” price fluctuations that come with bitcoin trading.

Nonetheless, the HCC secretary’s comments further underline a progressive stance among Iranian authorities in being open and even accommodating of bitcoin. Earlier this month, Iran’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) minister Amir Hossein Davaee revealed the ministry’s research “to prepare the infrastructure to use Bitcoin inside the country.”

There’s a substantial reason behind the country’s forward-thinking views of decentralized cryptocurrencies. Iran was discarded from the global banking system after payments network SWIFT removed Iranian banks due to economic sanctions in 2012, a blockade that lasted four years to effectively isolate Iran from global commerce.

Tehran image from Shutterstock.

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$9,771: What’s Driving Bitcoin Price to New All-Time Highs?

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Get Trading Recommendations and Read Analysis on for just $39 per month.

On November 27, the bitcoin price achieved a new all-time high for the second time in the past 24 hours, surpassing $9,771 and moving closer towards $10,000.

Yesterday, on November 26, CCN reported that the price of bitcoin established a new all-time high at $9,060. Within 24 hours, the price of bitcoin increased from $9,060 to $9,771, by nearly $700 overnight.

Since surging to $9,771, the bitcoin price has stabilized in the $9,550 region. Short-term indicators such as the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) demonstrate strong short-term momentum for bitcoin, and analysts such as Max Keiser and billionaire investor Mike Novogratz expect the bitcoin price to surpass $10,000 within this year.

Why is Bitcoin Price Surging?

The CME Group bitcoin futures exchange launch is imposing a similar impact the bitcoin ETF had on the global bitcoin market in March. The difference between the March bitcoin ETF anticipation and the CME Group bitcoin futures exchange hype is that the latter is guaranteed, given that another bitcoin options exchange in LedgerX has already been approved and regulated by the US Commodities and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

To better understand the impact the emergence of government-regulated bitcoin futures exchanges will have on the global bitcoin market and the liquidity of bitcoin, it is important to acknowledge the fact that it is difficult for casual investors and new traders to trade and invest in bitcoin due to strict Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations

The month-long process of acquiring a bitcoin exchange account and the steps in transferring funds stored in exchanges to a personal bitcoin wallet can be difficult for new investors, especially those that have been in the traditional finance sector for the majority of the careers.

In most regions, bank accounts of traders are connected to stock brokerage accounts and investment firms like CME, Fidelity, and Goldman Sachs. In December, traders will be able to seamlessly move funds from their bank accounts to the bitcoin market, using the same infrastructure they have utilized over the past few decades.

As such, analysts like Bitfury vice chairman George Kikvadze expect tens of billions of dollars to flow in the bitcoin space in the short-term, larger than the figure provided by Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, $10 billion.

Where Does Bitcoin Go in 2018?

The adoption of bitcoin as a store of value and as a payment method is increasing at a rapid rate. If second-layer scaling solutions are integrated by leading bitcoin service providers by next year, businesses and merchants will be able to accept bitcoin payments with low transaction fees from their customers.

In countries like Japan, major retailers and businesses like Bic Camera, Peach Airline, and Capsule hotels have already started to accept bitcoin through strategic partnerships with cryptocurrency exchanges.

If the adoption of bitcoin as both a store of value and as a payment method surges throughout 2018, the bitcoin price will likely increase at a rapid rate.

Featured image from Shutterstock.

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